Who are we?


We are a photography team based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our business first started with myself, Chia pronounced Kia- it's a constant battle), deciding I wanted to pursue my love of photography after being in the corporate grind for so many years. The day to day hustle of doing everything except for the thing I love most, finally went to the wayside and I created For Forever Imagery. 

Over the next two years, my husband Keith would frequent the sessions with me and assist. It didn't take long to notice that he has a special talent in the world of photography. Feeling a bit annoyed because he can literally do everything, I realized how much of a blessing this is! I decided to soak up all of his natural abilities and train him on areas that were foreign to him....then just like that, our husband and wife team was born. 

When Keith is not working with me, you can usually find him on the golf course. He has a pretty stellar handicap and long drive. You may also find him watching sports and enjoying a Rhinegeist, it's really a toss up. 

When I am not photographing, I am pretty much always editing. For real, it's a never ending job! But, I get lots of joy from seeing what I call our artwork and think it's worth it. My animals are pretty important to me too and so is a good latte! Oh, and every crappy reality t.v. show (my husband is rolling his eyes).

Thank you for being here and please let us know how we can play a role in your lives!

Our goal is to help make this the most magical day you have experienced yet. We love all of the fine details, the silly moments, the tearful moments, and the sweet moments. Our job is to provide imagery to you that will allow those emotions to be re-lived over and over again.

I still pinch myself that we are hired by complete strangers, family and friends to do what we love. It is a complete honor each and every time that doesn't get lost on us throughout the years. We will always treasure this blessing.

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