"I'll love you today and For Forever"

The For Forever Experience

            package one 

Complimentary Engagement Session

6 hours of wedding coverage

1 Professional Photographer

Wedding timeline planning assistance

Sneak peek within the first week 

5-6 week delivery of final images

Online viewing, sharing & downloading gallery.

Print Release 

Investment $2200.00

*Tax is not included. We must charge tax as required by law

The For Forever Ultimate Experience 

package two


Complimentary Engagement Session

Complimentary Bridal Session

All day coverage

2 Professional Photographers

Wedding timeline planning assistance

Sneak peek within the first week 

4 week delivery of final images

Online viewing, sharing & downloading gallery.

Print Release

Investment $2800.00

*Tax is not included. We must charge tax as required by law

Popular Wedding Photography Questions  


What is your approach to shooting a wedding?

Our approach to weddings is simple: capture timeless images that will fill our client’s eyes with tears of happiness. We strive to bring a stress-free vibe and positive energy to your big day. We will blend into the background as the day unfolds to be able to capture those sweet, candid moments you will want to remember. You will occasionally be guided by us as to where to stand when you’re getting dressed and of course reminding you to smile as the nerves attack! We will never tell you what to do but will give you little gentle nudges if we feel you may need them.  We are very independent and focused Photographer's when we are on the job because we take your day very seriously! But, we are also always going to be open to suggestions and keep your wishes as number one. We want you to only have the sweetest memories!


Will we meet before the wedding to discuss the timeline?

Yes, absolutely! You will have enough on your plate that can create stress in the months leading up to your wedding, so we want to make this aspect as stress-free as possible. We will set up a time to meet about 3-4 weeks prior to your special day. This will be when we discuss the logistical aspects of your wedding day. This includes family shots and portrait ideas you may have in mind. Being on the same page is a big deal and will help the flow be seamless. If you are unable to meet, the world of technology has given us Skype! We can of course have a good old-fashioned phone call as well!


What type of big time camera/equipment do you use?

We arrive at each wedding with 2 professional DLSR cameras, 2-4 external flashes and stands, and several lenses such as a 70-200mm, 50mm, 85mm and a macro lens. All offer the ability to capture tons of different and unique moments. Since technology is never foul proof, we do not take the risk of a malfunction occurring without having a backup!


Is there downtime where you have nothing to photograph?

We wish! Downtime is non-existent on a wedding day for a photographer! But, that’s what we are created to do! What’s the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion”, so we will be staying busy! Even moments that feel like downtime to you, will offer a prime photo opportunity for us! You may not even notice us capturing your intimate discussions with the people you chose to be by your side. During moments of calm, we will be photographing small details of your day and anything else we can get our lens on before you and the groom run off for the night!

2nd Photographer: Is it needed?

Frankly, no, it is not a necessity but it definitely enhances the overall experience for everyone. If a Bride and Groom want lots of different angles of the same moments, or if they are having a large wedding that one person will not be able to get as many shots of the guests, that’s when a second shooter comes in handy. For Forever Imagery has one Lead Photographer (myself) and a second Photographer. There will be an additional charge for additional photographer's if they are requested. 


The Importance of an Engagement Session

If you have never had professional photos taken together, your wedding day is not the day to start! We include engagement pictures in our wedding packages for a heavy discount or completely complimentary (depending on the package you choose) because we want you to have that experience before the big day. It will give you a chance to see how you photograph together, what positioning you fall in love with and how you want to be posed (when posing occurs) on your wedding day. We welcome bringing inspiration photos with you if you like how a couple is posed or have a specific interest in recreating a photo. Keep in mind, there are lots of photos out on the web that have been photo-shopped!


Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony is when guests are asked to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. Cell phones are wonderful but not during this time! We have even seen people pull out iPads and block the view of another guest and the Photographer's, just to be able to take their own picture. This results in the guest not being present in the moment and the Photographer possibly missing an important shot. We ask that guests never get in the isle during the ceremony to avoid blocking our camera's. The photos that we will provide you with and what you pay big bucks for, will be better than any guests cell phone picture! I don’t require that you ask guests to refrain from this, but it helps!


Timeline/Sneak Peeks

It is important to us to deliver your full wedding gallery within 4-6 weeks of your wedding day. The exact date is contingent upon our schedule during the busy weddings seasons, but we will send you teasers in the meantime! Sneak peeks along the way will give you something to look forward to and the first sneak peek comes just a few days after your wedding. We will never post wedding sneak peaks on social media if you request us not to!


Print Release/Printing Suggestions

You will be given a print release that allows you to make copies and prints from your digital images. Our recommendation for printing is to go through MPIX. They are awesome, and the quality is incredible. Quick prints will get you blotchy and discolored photos… we don’t want that! You will also be able to order photos through your personal gallery as well. The professional printer is Miller’s Labs and their work is also wonderful. These are our go-to printers! We can discuss photo books, but we have found many clients are making their own these days!


When do I pay my retainer and final payment?

You will be asked to pay a non-refundable retainer fee of 35% of your wedding package to secure our services.The remainder of the wedding package will be due no later than thirty days prior to your wedding day.

What are your wedding prices?

In an effort to be competitive while maintaining affordability, we developed two packages all with the client in mind. Our packages have been designed to be as affordable to as many different people as possible. Whether our couples are working with a smaller budget or no budget at all, we have developed our packages to be able to accommodate those needs. We do not require our couples to purchase packages with printed images in an effort to keep the cost friendly. We do however offer printing in the event our client's desire that. 

Why is my retainer non-refundable?

The reason your retainer is non-refundable is because once we place your wedding date on our calendar, no one else can book with us and they will move onto another photographer with availability. If you decide to go with another Photographer, or you decide not to get married (let’s hope neither!), we will have missed out on other opportunities. The chances of us filling that date are slim especially as the date gets closer. Let’s just hope this never even has to be a discussion and all is going to be dandy!

PLEASE NOTE: If you hire us as your photographer, the above fee’s will be required along with a signed copy of the contract to reserve the date. We can send an invoice payable online via PayPal or credit card or we can accept cash. Please note that a 7.50% tax rate will be applied to the package total as required by Ohio state tax laws.

*all prices are subject to change.